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Jumping Back In…

June 7th, 2013

I decided that I would wait to get the blog going again until after Anna Grace was finished with school. And that was a fabulous plan until you factor in the news that we’re getting ready to go on vacation. Tomorrow. Vacations always mess up good blogging routines.   And since I currently have no blogging routine, I’m certainly doomed.

We are all well. Crazy, loony, but well.  We are heading to Acadia National Park and taking the Autotrain for part of the journey. Very excited.

The kids?

They’re awesome.

Jack Henry is three and loves cars, trains, garbage trucks, air planes, helicopters and puddles.   He is currently talkative and bossy and a tattle tale and really funny.  He also seems to be making every effort to set the world record for the longest time EVER needed to potty train one child. EVER.  For like…EVER!

Georgia Kate will be 2 at the end of the summer and she is “emotionally flexible”.  That’s our kind way of letting you know she’s a major drama queen.  Happy one minute, screeching the next.  But she is also majorly cute.  And she knows it.  Jesus help us!  Georgia Kate’s goal in life is to shadow Jack Henry everywhere he goes.  Not because she wants his company.  Nope.  She just waits for him to set down his snack, his toy, his something and then she takes off with it and laughs as loud as she can. As you can imagine, this does not lead to family harmony.

Anna Grace is doing fabulous, really fabulous.  She is 9 going on 30 and she is simultaneously irritated by her little siblings’ existence and thrilled that she has someone to boss around.  She has become a big help for me but now I’m trying to teach her what she needs to “report” immediately and what we can let “slide” for the sake of my sanity.  My yardstick is “Is someone bleeding or on fire?”, if not, we’re good.

Anna Grace just finished 3rd grade, she’s doing great in school and her teacher thinks she is a great writer.  I recently read one of her “books” and it was pretty stinkin’ funny.  Love that!!

Knitting?  Spinning? 

There is occasional knitting.  Today there was much unknitting.

First…a small recap.  The project that I was knitting for the knitting olympics, which are no longer called the knitting olympics, and I never finished… I decided I never want to finish it.  I hate it, I don’t like it, the end.

The colorwork mittens with the tension too tight because it was my first real color work and ya know… bad things happen?  Well they remain in a zip lock bag and yesterday when I swept our master bedroom and swept under my bedside table, VOILA!, I found them. (Yes, I do realize that this kinda means I’ve just confessed to not sweeping in quite some time.  Don’t judge!)    The mittens need thumbs.   They may need other things.  They may go on vacation with me.  They may get shoved back under the bedside table.  Oh the suspense!

And the unknitting.   A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away (also known as Georgia) I cast on a pair of socks and I made them too big.  But I had much denial so I kept knitting.   And I finished a sock.  And then started another sock, with the same denial issues.  And eventually I just quit because the socks were like HUGE!  Well, today, while sitting at AG’s piano lessons, I unknit those socks.  Both Mr. Partial Sock and Mr. Finished Sock.   Oh how I wish I could fully express the joy I experienced while trying to undo the kitchener stitch in Mr. Finished Sock’s toe.   Adding in that my vision has been failing fast and this little job was full of unspeakable delights.  

I did manage to finish the job and I downloaded a copy of an old favorite pattern: Jaywalkers.   These will go to Maine with me along with a fiber + spindle project that I started on last year’s vacation. (Yes…that’s how fiber projects have been going around here….SLOW!)

I will return in 11 days and hopefully get right back in to this bloggy thing.  I do miss it.  Much.



November 26th, 2012


Fifteen years ago I married the guy that I couldn’t live without.  Still can’t.

Happy Anniversary, Dana.

Still Here

November 25th, 2012

After you’ve been away for so long, it is hard to get back to posting etc.  Finally decided that I didn’t need to catch up, I just needed to start.

Life here is good and crazy and noisy and chaotic and I love it.  Daybreak is growing, I’m seeing more patients all the time and I love my job.

The kids are growing like weeds.  Jack Henry is 2.5, Georgia Kate turned 1 in August and Anna Grace is 8.5.  Can’t believe Anna Grace is that old.  She’s growing up so much.  Jack Henry is hilarious and Georgia Kate just wants to keep up with him.  And GK recently saw the neurosurgeon again, had another MRI and was deemed peachy perfect.  We were discharged and that phase of our life appears to be over.

Knitting?  Well I started the knitting olympics and got quite far but didn’t finish.  I did do a lot of knitting and spinning on our summer vacation.  But things then hit the skids.  This past Friday I cast on for a pair of socks that I’m knitting for a Christmas gift.  It feels so amazing to have a pair of needles ( or I guess I should say a set of needles in this case) back in my hands.  I love it.

Now that I’ve taken the first step to getting back to this thing, hopefully I can continue.  Until then, let me distract you with pictures!!



My Peeps!



Georgia Kate (a.k.a. Georgia Cake, Georgia Katie or Peaches…depending on the mood)



My girls



Jack Henry



Anna Grace…growing up so much. 

Little Victories

May 26th, 2012

All of my irrational Bigfoot fears from childhood (and, okay… sometimes adulthood) aren’t seeming all that wackadoodle anymore.  Fancypants scientists have decided to research whether they exist or not.  I feel just a little more normal now.  Baby steps, baby steps.

(BTW… am I the only Bigfoot-obsession-overcomer that didn’t know folks also call these things Yeti?  Sounds like a little old lady… yeti.  Just doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

Flash Gordon

May 25th, 2012

Georgia Kate had another MRI today, a flash MRI to be exact.  A flash MRI is where the kid isn’t sedated, the kid is wrapped up in a sheet and is perfectly happy with this arrangement until you strap a belt across their chest.  Then out come the headphones and head gear that hold the head in place.  The screaming commences, the MRI is started and the whole thing is done in 5 minutes.

Georgia Kate tolerates them just fine. She just likes to make sure the entire hospital knows she’s hacked off.  And as soon as you pick her back up, she stops.  Immediately.

We won’t get her results until Tuesday.  Her head circumference is currently 49 cm which translates to “way too freakin’ big”.  The diagnosis last time was “benign extra axial fluid”.  That’s what we’re hoping for this time.

We now have 2 flash MRI’s under our belt and hope we have no more.  If we do, this child’s nickname will be changed from “peach” to “Flash Gordon”.

Running on Empty

May 24th, 2012

I started running again last fall.  It took much longer this time but I finally got up to where I was before I had the stress fractures and before I got pregnant with Georgia Kate.   And so I decided that I should train for a marathon in all of my, ya know, “free time”.    I signed up for the Space Coast Marathon and diligently started trying to build my mileage.

Instead, I have spent many months plagued by injuries.  Achilles tendonitis, knee pain and a groin pull.  I have a very hard time telling people that I have a groin pull injury.  Just seems like that should be a boy thing.

I have now taken three weeks off and I attempted to return to running this week.  Or…slowly return to running this week.  Things went well but now… it’s a bazillion degrees outside and the humidity is through the roof.  I had hoped to have toughened up quite a bit before this place started to feel all Florida-ish.

When I was running after I had Jack Henry, I lost a three pants sizes very quickly.  This time…nada.   I better start dropping some pant sizes soon.  Afterall, I ain’t doin’ this for my health!


The Enchanted Child

May 19th, 2012

Anna Grace’s ballet recital was beautiful and also a little sad.  Not sure if she’ll change her mind but AG has decided she is done with ballet. We’re registered for next year but unless she has a change of heart, this was our last recital.

The ballet was The Enchanted Child about a little boy who disobeys his mother, gets sent to his room and has a major meltdown.  In the midst of his fit, he destroys his room.  Then all of the things he has destroyed, and all the things he has harmed in the past, come to life and scare the daylights out of the boy.   There were fish and lambs and even bats and dancing flames of fire.  That kid hacked off a whole lot of stuff!!

Anna Grace’s class were the flowers that come flying off of Mama’s dress.  Mama, in this case, was Mr. Kirst wearing a dress and walking on stilts.   All of the dancers entered the stage hiding around Mama.  Most were hiding behind him (her) but some of the shorter dancers were hiding beneath his (her) dress.  It was pretty cool to watch.  All of the flowers then began to scold and shake their finger at the naughty, naughty boy.


Recitals mean lots and lots of waiting.



 Ready to go.



 My beautiful girl.



 Scolding the naughty boy.



Doing a great job, doing her best. 



 Anna Grace and Amanda



More scolding.  I think she liked that part best.



 Posing for the paparazzi.



Grandma and Grandpa Haukoos. 


May 15th, 2012


May 2012


Our church has a Mother’s Day tradition of taking family photos and framing them as a gift for the mothers.   I love this tradition and I love looking back on all of our previous photos and seeing how our family has changed.  Boy, oh boy, has our family changed.

Do I Look Familiar?

May 10th, 2012

Remember me… loony knitter that had 2 more children in 2 years… all while being over 40?  Sound familiar?

Well, let me get things caught back up.

The Drawer:   In my last post I discussed the idea of cleaning out a drawer of little jewelry boxes and my fear that if I did that, I’d have to move again.  Well… necessity says I’m going to have start cleaning.  I have a little sorter thing that holds earrings, necklaces, etc and I’ll get them back in use.   What was the deciding factor?  Estate planning.   I need to pull out some things, photograph them and then decide who gets them if I keel over.   Cheery, ain’t it?!!

Christmas on Valentines:  On Valentines Day I finished up a project that was intended to be a Christmas present.  Just a tad late.


Diagonal Lace Socks

Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy (Blue Lagoon) 



Anna Grace is 8:  In March, Anna Grace turned 8.  I am still stunned to think that she is actually 8.  She has grown up so much and she amazes me every day.  She has become a great help and she’s showing me that she knows how to show compassion for others.  I’m also learning that she is a caregiver.  As soon as someone is hurt, she’s on the scene with band aids and ice packs.  I love her so much and always think of her as the kid that totally transformed my life, my faith, revealed my self centeredness and changed me completely.   She’s the kid that forced me to see the world with different eyes and I am so proud of her.




Anna Grace, age 8 

Easter was fabulous.   Our church conducted the local sunrise service for the City of Eustis.  I got to participate and it was amazing and simple and wonderful and a tremendous blessing.  We had a wonderful day, a relaxing day (believe it or not) and I had a wonderful time celebrating my favorite day of the year.


 Family photo



Jack Henry and Anna Grace



Georgia Kate… my little peach



And then…TWO!!!  Right after Easter, Little Man turned two years old.  On his actual birthday, I took him to New Smyrna Beach to play for an hour or so…just the TWO of us.





A few days later, we had a John Deere birthday party just for the little man.  Everyone wore their John Deere green.



Birthday boy



 Lisa and Georgia Kate



John Deere cupcakes



Cupcake face



 Happy birthday, Jack Henry


Current knitting:  Some.   Working on some color work.  Tension is off.  Time is short.  I’ll get back there one day.

Ballet update…  Recital weekend is this weekend and this may be our last recital.  Anna Grace is saying she’s done and I’m exhausted with trying to get her there all the time while arranging babysitters for “the littles”.  I’m looking forward to having the summer off and have said that we need to make our final decision in July.  Right now we’re just too stinkin’ tired to think reasonable.

And finally… our life is full of smiles and screams and giggles and diapers and chaos and more chaos and tantrums and laughter and a lot of joy.  There are days I pull my hair out but …




New Smyrna 


I wouldn’t trade this crazy life for anything in the world.


The Drawer

January 4th, 2012

I’m not superstitious.  Or I didn’t think I was.  But last night I realized that I am superstitious about one thing.

I have a bin that has jewelry etc all packed  since we moved here.  I have a drawer on my dresser that contains many little half-unpacked boxes with my earrings, etc.  I have lived this way for nearly 9 years.

In 2003 we bought and restored a 1920’s bungalow in Oakland, Fl.  We had an old dresser and I didn’t get around to unpacking my jewelry box etc until we have lived in the house several months.  I unpacked everything and… we bought a new bedroom set so I had to pack everything back up.  And I did.

So I lived out of the little boxes for another year or so until one day I had had enough.   And I unpacked everything and organized the dresser drawer.  One week later Dana got a job in Washington state and the end result was that the boxes had to be re-packed and we moved across the country.

We get to Washington and get our house all in order.  Except for that dresser drawer.  One day I get frustrated over not being able to find a necklace and I unpack all the little boxes and organize the dresser drawer.  And 2 months later we moved and everything had to be packed up again.  Off we went to Florida.

In Florida I determined that I was not living out of those little boxes and such so I unpacked everything in just a month or two.  We were living in a little apartment while waiting for our house in Enumclaw to sell and organization was a priority.  I organized the dresser drawer, three days later our house sold and we were able to move to an actual house.  And all the little boxes were packed up.

I knew the house we moved to was not permanent so I refused to unpack some things.  Including all the little boxes.  But when Dana lost his job, I figured we were actually going to be in the house for quite some time because we couldn’t afford to move.  And so, after nearly 18 months, I unpacked the dresser drawer…and all the little boxes.  And two weeks later I found this house and we moved.

So my dilemma is this: we’ve lived here 18 months.  I really want to organize the dresser drawer and unpack all those little boxes.  Those little boxes are making me nuts.  But I can’t unpack them.  I have to live with it like this.  Because if I unpack those little boxes…. I’m gonna have to move.  :(

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